I'm a self-trained Finnish composer. I create film style fantasy-music that is essentially flamboyant, sentimental, mysterious and story telling. My music incorporates impacts from classical, film music, folk music and rock. I have taken an influences to my music from Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd, David Arkenstone, Hans Zimmer, John Williams and Secret Garden. It's high quality music with imagination.

For composing I utilize keyboard and Logic Pro program. My point is to make extensive variety of music later on. Walking around nature has motivated me in composing and I have also likewise taken numerous nature pictures.

First album I created is ‘Light of hope’, which I worked on for many years while improving my composing skills. Second album is Fully symphonic album "Raindrops" that contain some new orchestral versions of my previous pieces and some new music too.  All my instrumentals can depict a story or meaning of the composition in listener's head.

I have created new album "Magic of nature - Forests of Finland". It's orchestral cinematic music that depicts world of nature.

If you are familiar to Fantasy music, classical symphonic music or emotional movie soundtracks you will certainly like my music too.



Production companies and video creators:

Any licensing requests can be sent to my publisher partner to publishing@songtrust.com