New enchanting series of albums, "Magic of nature",  is here! It's orchestral music that depicts world of nature. This music combine styles of cinematic and classical music. You can hear symphonic instruments, classical guitar, Piano and some exotic relaxing instruments. That music is very calming, enchanting and emotional but it's also bring you some experience about nature world. It also remind music by Secret Garden. You can feel a magic of nature while listening this music. The style of the music is very unique. This music blends several music styles: film score, contemporary classical, and relaxing music.


Soothing music reduces stress and creates a balance of mind. Music is the
food for the soul because it touches this happy place deep inside our heart. Relaxing music can also
ease pain, make the heart beat with a smooth rhythm, improve the flow of blood to heart and brain, and
improve sleep.


Each album will have its own theme. 


Album " Magic of nature - Forests of Finland" is released on 1.2.2019. It remind world of forest and it's very calming and sentimental but include also some epic parts. 

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